Dean Carter – Bio



youngdeanDean Carter is a man who wears many hats, and nearly as many codpieces.

As a musician he has toured extensively on both sides of the Tasman with bands including ‘Pocket Edition’ , ‘Cool Kats From Marz’ , ‘DMZ’ , ‘Big Room’ and ‘The Fever Collective’

Currently one of the top IT security specialists in Australasia, he is in huge demand, not just as a high level consultant but, along with his alter ego ‘Faily Monster’,  guest speaker at international conferences and conventions. (He says he could tell us more..but he would have to kill us afterwards)

In between all of that, Dean works in his own studio ‘The Bassment’, as technician, engineer and producer as well as session bassist and keyboardist.

Along with Phil he has formed his own production company, doublebass, and working his way through a series of music and related projects.

Dean also, earlier in his life, was taking lessons from the late great Kenny Pearson!

Stay tuned